Early Access Coming November 12th!

Star Age: Space Combat will be releasing on Steam as an Early Access title on November 12th, 2021 for players in the United States. Below are some frequently asked questions about Early Access on Steam.

What is Early Access?

Early Access is a program on Steam where players can get immediate access to games that are being developed with community involvement. Early Access games evolve as players play them and give feedback. It’s a great way to involve customers early in the process, before a game studio makes a heavy investment in features that customers may not want. For more information on Early Access on Steam, refer to this page.

Why Early Access?

The goal of the Early Access period is to receive feedback on the fundamental mechanics of the game, such as ship movement, base weapons, and initial map design. More feedback will be collected as new content is added. New content will include power-ups, additional maps, and additional game modes.

How long will the game be in Early Access?

Expect the game to be in Early Access for at least a year. Depending on player feedback and iteration, this process may take longer.

How will the full version be different?

The full version of the game will include more content and features, including:

  • Multiple maps and game modes to choose from
  • Multiple ships to switch between during battle
  • Unlockable ship modifications (“mods”), which can adjust the stats of ships used in battle
  • Unlockable cosmetic customizations for ships, such as skins and decals
  • Matchmaking and party functionality
  • Controller support for the latest PlayStation and Xbox controllers

What is the current state of the game?

The current version of the game includes one ship, one map (named “Beltway”), and one game mode (named “Dogfight”). You will be able to play with your friends, destroy enemy ships, and score points. Ships have two weapons, lasers and missiles.

To find a match, you’ll need to search for an open lobby using the in-game lobby browser. For private matches, you can use room codes. If you’re having trouble finding a match, feel free to use our official Discord server!

Will the price of the game change?

The price of the game will increase as more content is added. Purchase early and save!

How will the community be involved in the development process?

A link to a feedback survey is included in the Early Access version of the game. You may use it at any time to send detailed feedback about the game. You can also reach out on social media, such as Twitter and Discord, to give more informal feedback.

Formal playtesting sessions will also run during the Early Access period. Expect to see at least one playtest for every major patch. Dates and times will be announced on the Discord server.

Fly safe out there!