Version 0.2.0 has been released!

Thank you all for your patience! The first update for Star Age: Space Combat is now available on Steam.

New Features

  • Health packs have been added to the map! You can now repair all of the damage you took because you didn’t learn how to dodge.
  • There’s some new background assets on the map, including additional asteroids and a planet which is most definitely NOT Earth. If you though that was Earth, that’s a sign for you to review some basic geography.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various issues around hosting and joining games. This means there are now even less excuses for not playing this game with your friends.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple target locks would be reported as in-progress, even though there was only a single target lock in progress on the ship. Now you can panic a little less about incoming missiles. Just a little.
  • If a host’s game crashes, their room will disappear in 90 seconds or less. Please try not to crash.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes, when joining a game, you’ll get stuck at the scoreboard waiting to spawn. Leaving the game and rejoining should fix the issue. (I thought I fixed this bug, but I did not.)

Want to help playtest the newest features? Head on over to the official Discord server for information on playtesting sessions, or to post feedback.

Fly safe out there!