Prepare for Combat

In the 23rd century, chaos rules the galactic frontier. Outlaws, rebels, pirates, and more prowl the space lanes, hunted by those who would bring them to justice. In this wild era of human history, are you ready for interstellar combat?

Take to the Stars

Pilot a variety of spacecraft, each with their own unique weapons, abilities, and special weapons.

Challenge Your Friends

Compete in online multiplayer against your friends…and your enemies. Choose one of several game modes and fight your way to victory.

Customize Your Craft

Collect and use mods that adjust your ship’s capabilities. Find cosmetic items to give your vehicle a personal touch.

Rule The Frontier

Climb the ranked ladder and prove that you’re the most feared pilot in the galaxy!

Latest News

  • Version 0.3.0 has been released!
    Thank you all for your patience! I’m proud to announce version 0.3.0 has finally been released. It’s been a long time since the last update, so there’s a lot to cover. Release Highlight: Bot Players First, bot players have been added to the game. There’s now a checkbox when hosting the game to enable bots. …
  • Star Age: Space Combat Is On Sale!
    Star Age: Space Combat is joining the Steam Winter Sale! The game will be 20% off through January 5th. Buy now and save before the next big update!
  • Version 0.2.0 has been released!
    Thank you all for your patience! The first update for Star Age: Space Combat is now available on Steam. New Features Health packs have been added to the map! You can now repair all of the damage you took because you didn’t learn how to dodge. There’s some new background assets on the map, including …