Troubleshooting Connection Issues

Star Age: Space Combat uses a peer-to-peer networking system instead of dedicated servers, which means that connection issues may appear when groups are trying to play together. This document explains some options for troubleshooting.

In the worst case, if you’re not able to connect, you’ll have to wait until dedicated servers are rolled out for the game.

If no one is able to connect to the host machine, try the following:

  • If you’re on Windows, double-check the Windows firewall rules to make sure Star Age: Space Combat is allowed. If you’re on a private network, make sure the game is allowed on private networks. If you’re on a public network, make sure the game is allowed on a public network. You can also review the specific firewall rules in the Firewall settings.
  • Have the host enable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), if their router supports it. This will allow the game to set up temporary port forwarding, so you don’t have to manage it.
  • If UPnP is not an option, have the host permanently forward port 15937 on their router.

If some, but not all, clients cannot connect to the host machine, have the host and any clients check their IP addresses, using a tool such as

  • If the host only has an IPv6 address (1000:200:300:abcd…) and the client only has an IPv4 address (192.168.1…), then the client will never be able to connect to the host machine. Choose a host that has an IPv4 address.
  • If the host has both an IPv6 address and an IPv4 address, and the client has only an IPv4 address, then it’s a bug with the game. Please raise a support ticket by using our contact form.
  • If both the host and client have IPv6 addresses, or both the host and client have only IPv4 addresses, have the client forward the port range 15937 to 15940 on their router.

Star Age: Space Combat does not currently support network play on mobile networks. If you’re tethering your computer to a mobile network, you will likely not be able to host. (This is because port forwarding doesn’t work the same way on cell networks.)